Empty house

The door is still open

Where I left my heart

There are no skulls in the bedroom

still, I don’t want any forgiveness

I look around, my darling


I left all of them under the skin

of a snake that bit me a long time ago

Some night, in the past, I was happy

trusting in everyone and myself

The room and it’s Christmas three

a portrait of peace


There was fire and inundation

the floor covered with blood and tears

I screamed all night long

‘til there’s no hope nor expectations

The walls are testimonies of my crimes

they hate me because they know who I am

And a lonely dog barks in the corner

when I cross the neighborhood

Looking for your wise eyes

trying to understand me

We’d never really had a chance

under the beauty of a rose

or besides the melancholic of the rain

The kitchen smells like an old fellow

who forgot to leave a message

every morning the toaster feels

a great Sinatra’s song

whispering down the stairs

I look towards to that shining window

where I left behind all the beliefs

and a body full of comprehension

I heard my smile from here to eternity

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