Hello, from here, from these empty streets during the night. I’m here to say to you how fucking great is everything.

Hello, from the future. I just need to say that every decision were your best movement. Today you have no idea everything your doubts will bring in a very positive way – but, from here, the future where I am, I know what you suffered in silence and, yeah, it worth it.

Hello, from a very spontaneous heart, like yours. You know, the past still remains there, where it belongs. You are more than they. Your heart believe, and it’s enough for you two. Don’t ever and never put it in the wrong place, far from your eyes. You’ll thanks me someday.

Hello from this special night, like others nights without any previously explication. That’s your night, baby.

I’m here to assure you that’s the way and no one can help you. You’re strong enough and brave enough.

Do it for yourself and change some lives around you.

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